Heatloss Calculation Online

If you want to apply for Green Homes Grant beacause you wish to install a biomass heating system, you will need a heatloss calculation to determine the capacity of the required heat source (boiler/stove).

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Please note this is not a free service.


Comparison of flat solar collector and vacuum tube collector

Is a flat solar collector or a vacuum tube solar collector better?

Both have advantageous properties over the other. Let’s see what these are:


Solar Thermal System with Combi Boiler


  • DHW from solar cylinder or combi boiler. If the water of the solar cylinder is warm enough, it goes directly to the hot water taps. If it is not warm enough, it goes through the combi boiler preheated. Switchover is automatic by a motorised valve

Pool heating with solar thermal panels

The customer has an inddor swimming pool which was heated by an air source heat pump. To reduce operating costs, he decided to have additional solar thermal heating installed.


PZ25RL Biotech Pellet Boiler Service York

Biotech PZ25RL pellet boiler service.
The heating pump worked independently from the boiler and was able to cool down the buffer to a very low temperature. In this case the built in heat exchanger in the buffer was not able to produce hot water.

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