Biomass Boiler Maintenance under HETAS Approved Biomass Maintenance Scheme

We are MCS registered biomass heating installers and we have installed log boiler and pellet boiler systems in the UK since 2016. We also service these and other similar systems.
Please note that if you receive RHI payment, now it is a requirement to prove that annual maintenance has been carried out under the HETAS Approved Biomass Maintenance Scheme (HABMS). This is a new scheme and we have received this certification recently.
Unfortunately some additional costs are involved, and this is why or fees are slightly higher then previously (HETAS annual fee, upgraded insurance, notification fee for each service job).

Maintenance Tasks

The core of the maintenance work is the Hetas recomended service record template which you can wiev or download here.
After the maintenance along with the invoice you will receive the service report.

Maintenance Fee

The maintenance fee in 2023 is £210. This includes the call-out fee and up to 2 hours of work. The extra works will be charged with a hourly rate £25. The actual time varies, but you may expect around 2 extra hours.
The neccessary materials and any extra time will be charged separately.
The maintenance doesn’t include chimney sweeping.

Contract for Biomass Maintenance

The HETAS Approved Biomass Maintenance Scheme sets up obligation to carry out the work under a written contract. We use the Hetas recomended template tailored to our company. You can view or download our contract here. Please note this contract does not include urgent repairs or maintenance. Such work may be done under separate agreement.
If you are interested, please send a meassage here or fill in the yellow fields in the downloaded contract and send it to us.

Maintenance without a Contract

We also do maintenace works without a service contract if you don’t receive RHI payment for the system. The procedure is the same but we do not notify the job to HETAS CRM system.

If you receive RHI payment, then now it is a requirement to have a maintenance contract in place.

Maintenance Scheduling

In order to keep costs to a minimun and therefore offer the best possible price usually I schedule a tour. The next service tour will be only in 2024, but if you need it earlier please send me a message and I will try to find a solution.

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