PZ100RL Biotech Pellet Boiler Maintenance Shipley

BD18 3AN

Description of work:

Biotech PZ 65RI/PZ100RL 99.9 kW pellet boiler troubleshooting. The boiler hadn’t been operating for about 3 months.
System filling – there wasn’t any pressure in the water system.
Fire chamber cleaning . It was not only dirty, but completely full of ash and pellet powder.
Pellet auger cleaning – the auger was comletely blocked, so all the pellet from the dailly container had to be removed and the auger had to be pulled out.

Other maintenance work to do in the near future:

  • Cleaning the heat exchanger
  • Empty the ash containers
  • Replacing the carbons of the igniter and the vacuum fans
  • Replacing the faulty fluegas, outside temperature and burning chamber sensors
  • Put back the ash auger motor
  • Inflate the pressure vessel to 0.75 bar on the air side
  • Reseting pellet suction turbine failure

System pressure
System pressure

Pressure vessel under inflated
Pressure vessel under inflated. The pressure should be around the half of the operating pressure, around 0.75bar.

Ash auger motor
Ash auger motor thrown under the boiler

Vacuum fan
Vacuum fan


Burner grate before cleaning
Burner grate before cleaning

Burner grate after cleaning
Burner grate after cleaning

Reseting pellet suction turbine failure


  1. Info Material manager
  2. Consumption=Approx
  3. Counter for kg?
  4. Delete
  5. Right arrow: Yes


  1. Settings
  2. My service area
  3. My unit test
  4. Suction turbine (No number =1 or suction turbine 2)
  5. To start press right arrow

Filling up daily tank

  1. Settings
  2. My service area
  3. Fill pellets
  4. Heating is being switced on and filled?
  5. Press Start


Instruction Manual Biotech_Pellet 65-101 Old Screen

Spare Parts Catalogue Biotech_Pellet 65-101

Impact mat installation instructions

Dust separator manual

MCS certificated
Home Improvement Protection
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