Coal Boiler Replacement under BUS with Klover Pellet Boiler Stove YO7 3LJ

The system is including radiator heating circuits and hot water tank powered by a Parkray Chevin 111 coal boiler. We replace the old boiler with a PFP160 Glass Klover pellet boiler stove with the aid of Boiler Upgrade Scheme.


Schematics 1.1
Schematics 2.1

Location of new stove

Location of stove
Location of stove

Installtion of Stove

Stove air supply
To avoid draft in the room around stove we installed air supply for stove directly from outside air.

Stove after skimming
Stove after skimming


A radio thermostat will control the room temperature. The Klover stove also has a special feature to prevent from overheating.
There is not any ready made controller for this specific system layout. This is why we use again our universal controller.
This controller has spare inputs and output ready to control a solar thermal system in the future.

MCS certificated
Home Improvement Protection
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