Back Boiler Addition to Existing Gas Boiler Heating System HG2 7JP

The system originally included underfloor and radiator heating circuits without separate control. After this upgrade the underfloor area and the radiator heated area have independent temperature controls. The back boiler works on the radiator circuit.

Existing system

It is a very common system with a combi gas boiler working on a some radiators and an underfloor system.


In the living room a stove had been installed previously, but it is heating only this specific room.
The plan is to replace this stove to a back boiler and connect it to the existing heating system to make it possible to heat multiple rooms.
Unfortunately the starting point of the heating system is far from the stove, so it is much more easier to connect it to the radiator circuit. This way the heat of the back boiler will be transferred to the radiators only and not into underfloor heating.



The back boiler may boil accidentally and this may damage the existing pipe system which is made of plastic.
To prevent this we must separate the back boiler from the heating system. The easiest would be to install a big buffer tank, but we do not have space for that. This is why we used a neutraliser.



A timer and a thermostat controlled the heating.
There is not any ready made controller for this specific system layout. This is why we used our universal controller.


Heating loop inside the stove
Heating loop inside the stove

Stove and the neutraliser
Stove and the neutraliser

MCS certificated
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