Comparison of Atmos D25PX and Biotech PZ25RL pellet boilers

Is the Atmos or the Biotech pellet boiler better?


Nominal heat output is 24kW and 25kW, very similar.


The Biotech boiler is much more expensive than the Atmos.


Both of them are MCS certificated products.

Place of origin

The Biotech boilers are being manufactured in Austria, the Atmos boilers come from the Chech Republic.


The Biotech boiler has built in suction turbine for feeding from pellet store or silo.
For the Atmos boiler it may be ordered as an option, but most cases they are fed with bags.

Size of reservoir

The reservoir of the Atmos boiler is 215 litres, bigger than the one of Biotech boiler (65kg).

Regular maintenance by the customer

Regular maintenance by the customer.
The Biotech boiler has automatic grate and heat exchanger cleaning mechanism. The only task for the customer is to empty the ash container regularily.
The Atmos boiler may be ordered with compressor unit which cleans the burner after stopping, but most cases the customer is cleaning it weekly with some hand tools. The ash container must be emptied as well.

Annual professional service

Both boilers need it, but the Atmos boiler may survive a couple of years without it, if the customer is cleaning it regularily.

Common technical problems

The Biotech boiler has a lot of sensors and automatic mechanism, and these may get damaged.
The Atmos boiler has less components, most problems are caused by the lack of regular cleaning.

Technical helpline

Technical helpline
Biotech has a distributor in Scotland (Woodboiler Supplies Ltd), in case of technical problem they help via email or phone very quickly and precisely. They also keep parts on stock.
Technical help for Atmos boilers is very limited, most parts must be orderd from the EU, but the parts may be cheaper.

MCS certificated
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