Goldsborough Woodboiler and Solar Thermal System

Church Street

The objective of project was to upgrade Atmos gasifier woodboiler and solar thermal system to RHI eligible. We also solved the problems we dicovered.

The main units:

  • Gasifier woodboiler Atmos DC40GS
  • 1500 litres thermal store
  • LPG backup boiler
  • Hot water cylinder with two coils
  • Solar thermal panels
  • Space heating system with radiators

Identified and resolved problems:

  • There was no control of the domestic hot water coil circuit, continuously operated
  • The woodboiler was connected to bottom heat exchanger of hot water tank
  • The control pipe thermostats, relays did not work
  • Two diverter valves separated the gas boiler from expansion vessel
  • The woodboiler’s water thermostat and fluegas thermostat were broken
  • Woodboiler temperature gauge didn’t work
  • Woodboiler draught regulator was set too low
  • Pressure relief valve was installed at bottom point of system
  • The highest point of the buffer was not vented
  • The woodboiler output pipe was connected to the side of buffer
  • Expansion vessel pressure was set too high
  • The firewood was stored on the lawn without a cover

Hydraulic Schematic Diagram
Hydraulic Schematic Diagram.

Use of PLC

made possible some extra features

  • Hot water production has priority. Space heating starts only after direct hot water reaches ~45°C. At his point space heating starts, but DHW heating stays on until reaches is maximum (60°C)
  • If there is no heat demand, and the bottom of the buffer is already hot, space heating starts to prevent system from over temperature
  • Hot water cylinder pasteurization is monitored continously. Should pasteurisation expire, hot water is produced with LPG boiler

Thermal store from recycling
Thermal store from recycling

Atmos gasifier woodboiler
Atmos gasifier woodboiler (the old one)

Controller display

MCS certificated
Home Improvement Protection
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