Klover Smart 120 Cooker Boiler Stove Installation in Rosedale YO18 8RL

Central heating system to heat the cottage and produce hot water. This system is working under RHI scheme, but now it would be eligible for BUS grant scheme.

Description of work

This house is not connected to the grid. They generate their own electricity with solar PV and a backup generator.
We installed a Klover cooker boiler stove to replace the ordinary stove and to heat the whole cottage and produce hot water in winter. Previously we have installed a solar thermal system to produce hot water from spring to autumn.


  • Automatic operation, the fuel is pellet.
  • The house is divided into four zones with four room thermostats. Each thermostat starts the boiler if neeeds heating
  • If the hot water is not hot enough, the boiler starts and heats the hot water through a stainless heat exchanger.
  • It is possible to start the cooker independently from heat demand for cooking. If the boiler gets too hot due to long period of cooking without heat demand the central heating starts to keep the temperature within limits.

The system is fully MCS compilant.

Location of stove

Normally the boiler is hidden but this stove has a nice outlook and its function also determines to put it in the kitchen on the main place.
Klover cooker boiler stove in the kitchen
Klover cooker boiler stove in the kitchen

Hydraulic schematics

Hydraulic Schematics
Hydraulic Schematics

Heat exchanger unit
Heat exchanger unit
The big air pipe under the unit is to bring fresh air for the stove from outside. It prevents the stove from using the air of the kitchen causig draught.

Cooker display
Cooker display when it is firing up

MCS certificated
Home Improvement Protection
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