Orchard Farm Woodboiler System with EVOHome Control LN1 2PW

The objective of project was to install new central heating system with Atmos gasifier woodboiler

The main units:

  • Gasifier woodboiler Atmos DC40GS
  • 1500 litres thermal store
  • Hot water cylinder with one coil
  • Space heating system with radiators

Atmos log boiler
Atmos log boiler

Flue connection
Flue connection

Buffer tank
Buffer tank

Heating pump
Heating pump (with the controller being programmed)

Heating distribution board
Heating distribution board

Use of PLC

With our custom made controller we installed some extra features

  • A mixing valve has been installed to control the heating water temperature depending on outside temperature. In cold wheather the heating water is hot but as the outside temperature rises, the temperature of the heating water decreases
  • If there is no heat demand, and the bottom of the buffer is already hot, space heating starts to prevent system from over temperature
MCS certificated
Home Improvement Protection
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