Pool heating with solar thermal panels


Description of work:

The customer has an indoor swimming pool which was heated by an air source heat pump. To reduce operating costs, he decided to have additional solar thermal heating installed.

System layout

Originally there was a pool circulating pump with a filter and a heat excanger heated by the heat pump. We have installed another stainless heat exchanger for the solar thermal panels. No water tank has been istalled.

Additional benefit:

Originally the pool circulating pump had been operating continously using a lot of electric power.
We have installed a custom made controller to control the solar system, but we also added a function to operate the pool circulating pump in a more sophisticated and economic way. The pump is not operating continously any more, but only in the 4 following cases:

  1. Solar heating is operating
  2. Air source heatpump is operating
  3. The pump has not been operating for at least 10 minutes. This is to prevent the pump from cycling.
  4. Circulation is required to keep the water of the pool clean – at least 5 hours long every 3 days. This also includes the circulation time by the other 3 reasons.
MCS certificated
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