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The objective of project was to heat the water for the 5 outdoor bath tubs with solar thermal energy in the summer and with wood in the winter.

Original concept of the customer
Original concept of the customer

The main units:

  • Windhager LOGwin woodboiler with 3 pcs of 500 litres buffers (existing)
  • Heat exchanger to heat domestic hot water from the buffers (existing)
  • 1000 litres outdoor thermos for the tubs
  • Hot water cylinder with one coil 500 litres
  • Solar thermal panels 18 pcs
  • Bath tubs made of wood 4pcs with 500 litres capacity each
  • Bath tub 1pc with 1500 litres capacity
  • Space heating system with radiators (existing)

After the first test period it became clear, that depending on the wheather we have some surplus solar energy what causes overheating problems and what we could use for space heating. This is why another heat exchanger has been added to the system with the necessary controls to make it possible to heat the buffers with the solar panels.
Additionally a Windhager VestoWIN stove has also been installed for cooking purposes in the kitchen which also heats the buffers.

Hydraulic Schematic Diagram (latest version)
Hydraulic Schematic Diagram (latest version).

Use of PLC

made it possible to have some extra features

  • Cylinder preheating with solar
  • Cylinder heating with solar
  • Thermos heating with solar
  • Colletor cooling with cylinder
  • Cylinder cooling with collector
  • Cylinder heating with solar in winter
  • Collector cooling for plastic
  • Frost protection
  • Buffer heating with stove
  • Melting snow
  • Buffer heating with solar



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