Solar Thermal System with Combi Boiler


Description of work

We installed a single coil cylinder and two solar thermal panels as an addition to the existing combi boiler.


  • DHW from solar cylinder or combi boiler. If the water of the solar cylinder is warm enough, it goes directly to the hot water taps. If it is not warm enough, it goes through the combi boiler preheated. Switchover is automatic with a motorised valve
  • Additional immersion heater in the solar cylinder is pasteurising it in case it is not pasteurised only by the solar energy.
  • Emergency water valve makes it possible to bypass the whole system in case of any technical problem.

The system is fully MCS compilant.

Solar Thermal Panel
Solar Thermal Panel

Solar Controller
Solar Controller

Hydraulic Schematics
Hydraulic Schematics

MCS certificated
Home Improvement Protection
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