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If you want to apply for Green Homes Grant and you need a pellet boiler quote, please fill in this form. I will prepare your informative quotation free of charge within 24 hours.

Please note, that a full site survey will need to be carried out before any contract is signed. Survey may be carried out online if you send me photos and answer my questions.








    Site Usage:

    Is the property Listed or in a Conservation Area?

    Will the installation come under “Permitted Development”?

    Will the installation come under “Smoke Control Area”?

    Are there any other planning issues to be considered?

    System Design

    Proposed emitter types:

    Will the system provide space heating?

    Will the system provide hot water?

    Will an auxiliary heat source be used?

    Building Details

    Is a valid EPC available?

    Heat demand space heating kWh per year according to EPC:

    Heat demand water heating kWh per year according to EPC:


    Is the property occupied for more than 50% of the year?

    Will metering be required due to auxiliary heating?

    Existing Heating and Fuel

    Existing heating fuel type:

    Number of bedrooms:

    Equipment Location

    Proposed location of pellet boiler:

    If required - proposed location of HW cylinder if required:

    If required - proposed location of buffer tank if required:

    Location of proposed Fuel Store:


    Is there any chimney available for the pellet boiler?

    Customer Preferences

    Do you want a fancy Biotech boiler or a cheap Atmos?

    Manual or automatic fuel feed :

    If automatic feed – pellet storage type:

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